The FastStart Money Machine

The FastStart Money Machine is your map for navigating the Internet Jungle...

I wish the two of us could sit down together for a few minutes over a cup of coffee so we could talk about the most important thing in the world to you - your future. Whether you are now an employee, business owner or entrepreneur, there's got to be a better way to make a living. Most people are just barely getting by, sometimes even with a good income. For example, I've worked with doctors who were earning $300,000 a year, but lived on $350,000 a year. Over 2 million people lost their jobs last year. And very few Americans could survive if their income was completely cut off for even three months. It's unfortunately true: most people are just barely getting by! And many have eyed the Internet as the possible escape route to a better lifestyle. I have several friends who have discovered these secrets of Internet marketing, and are earning six- and seven-figure incomes from the Internet. But they are the exceptions. Very few have made it work. Most "wanna-bees" just don't understand the "nature of the beast" well enough to succeed. If you and I were chatting as we sat together over a cup of coffee, perhaps I could explain more clearly how the FastStart Money Machine is an educational tool you can use to convert the present into a better lifestyle in the future. A richer life will never come from some genie in a bottle snapping a finger or waving a magic wand, look The answers have to be learned!!!

I know you already recognize the value of an efficient Internet business. You don't want to rent an office or warehouse, or hire any employees. You don't want to manufacture anything. You don't want to stock inventory, ship products or collect account receivables. Instead, you want to cash in on the efficiencies of the Internet, while some reputable company handles all of the operational incidentals.

So, the first step is to become a distributor of one or more major companies who manufacture and distribute health products to fill the vast need that exists. No single nutritional company has all the good stuff. Several companies are researching and manufacturing excellent nutraceuticals. Yet, on the other hand, it doesn't make good business sense to spread yourself thin representing every good company. As a balance, I have chosen what I believe to be the best of the best. And periodically I'm bringing more companies into the system. We'll take a look at your choices for a company in a moment. When you are a distributor, you earn product commissions from the customers you attract online.

The second step is to make this business work. To earn commissions, you must have customers. And customers are informed consumers who have learned to appreciate your products. So instead of using the old person-to-person approach, why not learn to tell your story online???

And here's where the FUN begins...

The FastStart Money Machine is a complete turn-key Blueprint for Success. Each weekly newsletter shows you the skills and insider-secrets used by the pros to master the Internet. Whether you're brand new to the computer or an old hand, this manual contains all the tools you'll need for generating income on auto-pilot. You don't have to re-invent the wheel. The weekly instructions in this manual will guide you in operating your own business at home without any of the usual business overhead expenses of brick-and-mortar stores. Since efficient use of the Net's resources is an expertise, you have to develop proficiency in these skills. This six-month manual is a virtual encyclopedia of Internet Marketing science. And by following directions precisely, you don't have to wait until you complete the training; you can start earning income immediately within the first month. Know-how in this unique science, as applied to building a natural health product business, is not available anywhere else on the Internet. The easy, step-by-step instructions for creating your online home business arrive by email each week. Each lesson shows you how to implement the necessary techniques, one-by-one, for generating 1000 or more hits a day to your site. Each lesson requires an assignment for application. So if you can follow simple directions, I guarantee results.

The key to a successful online business is Internet traffic

"If you build it, they'll come..."

No, no, no, don't you believe it! Never in your lifetime!!! That idea inspired a movie, but it doesn't work on the Internet. Just because you create a Web site and place it on the Internet does not mean you will ever have a single visitor! ISPs usually offer "free" sites to create ego pages showing children's pictures or whatever, but they may never be seen by anyone except Aunt Myrtle. You can create the the world's most beautiful Web site, but NOBODY will ever see it...UNLESS...they know about it. No one knows what you have until you give it exposure on the Net. Over 130 million people surf the Net regularly. And, according to USA Today, Internet use doubles every 100 days. Over 70% of Net users earn an income of $50,000+ annually. So this marketplace is vast and fertile with affluents who can afford almost anything they want. But no one can know your offer exists...unless they see it somewhere on the Net! And even if you grab someone's attention to come-and-see your offer, that invitation better be appealing or else even your own mother might not visit! You can build the finest billboard on the Net with all the bells and whistles, but it's lost in the desert without awareness and desire to drive by to see it!

If you want to attract some of the millions of people who log onto the Internet each day, you have to showcase your story. But you won't have to learn the art of professional copyrighting to make your offer shine in the spotlight. The FastStart Money Machine contains the eyeball-grabbing headlines and compelling ad copy for your advertising campaigns. You'll have in your hands the savvy for advertising effectively in today's highly-competitive online marketplace.

Yes, your billboard must tell your story well, but your most important task is generating an essential flow of traffic to your billboard. This is why you find offers for "lead-generating programs" peppered all over the Internet. This is why every Internet portal sells text ads, solo ads, banner ads, tower ads, opt-in email lists, pop-ups, pop-unders, and on and on. Every online business knows it's dead in the water without visitors. Yet, few know the secrets of Internet marketing. No one knows how to attract Internet traffic by intuition. This is know-how you have to acquire. Strange as it seems, everyone realizes that computer hardware is a science. And everyone knows that software programming is a science. But so many fail to recognize that Internet marketing is also a science! You can acquire this know-how through your subscription to the FastStart Money Machine, which has been created and perfected after six years of trial-and-error experimentation and $100,000 in developmental costs. And how effective is it? It has been used to shatter the growth records in the 12-year history of the largest nutrition company in the world!

In a nutshell, attracting Internet traffic is the essential for cranking out Internet income!

Amazingly, only 6% of all online businesses are profitable. The Number One Reason that 94% fail is inability to generate sufficient site traffic! (90% of all Web sites get less than 10 hits a day!) An Internet business is doomed to failure unless enough visitors can beinformed of its existence. If you want to succeed with any online business, first you must find a viable opportunity with products in high demand, and second, you must develop the expertise of "grabbing for eyeballs" - a crude expression, but as basic as it gets! Most online businesses fail because of helplessness in using the Net's phenomenal advertising resources.

Generating traffic doesn't have to cost "an arm and a leg!"

One of the biggest expenses in traditional "brick-and-mortar" businesses is advertising overhead. Radio and TV ads. Newspaper ads. For example, direct mail advertising is not only expensive, but preparation is labor-intensive. (You know how true this is, if you have every printed a mailing, folded paper, stuffed, labeled and sorted envelopes, and licked stamps!) Even if you have used online advertising, you know how true it is that you can shovel your cash into a bottomless pit! So if you want to operate an efficient online business, you've got to acquire the know-how for economically generating high-volume traffic. I know the pain of ad spending, and I'll give you the secrets for using free and almost free resources. In fact, I will show you how to spend pennies to get dollar returns, while measuring the process scientifically! I hate wasteful spending, and I want you to make money - not spend money. I want you to learn to operate on a shoe-string.

I guess I inherited my frugality for doing business from my dear mother (God rest her soul). How frugal was my mother? My mother was SO frugal that by her 25th wedding anniversary, she had not even OPENED some of her bathroom towel sets given to her and my dad as wedding gifts! Seriously!

But back to the point, once you have positioned the right ads in the right place at the right cost, automation takes over this process.

Automation makes this business sooo easy!

The prospects you attract with your ads need information. Sometimes they need info just to make a buying decision. They always need operational info after they've made the decision to climb on-board with you. But you don't have to call 'em, talk to 'em, or explain anything to 'em. The system does the work for you...24/7/365. All the info ever needed is fed with automation, and I am "on call" personally with an open line as the backup. This is a break-through first in the industry. Nothing like this has ever before been available!

What does automation mean? Think through this concept. Using your smarts in operating any business means that you want to perform every needed task, whenever possible, ONLY ONE TIME. Never repeat the same boring task over and over!!! Internet autoresponders offer a unique benefit in operational efficiency, because autoresponders create automation. The FastStart Money Machine integrates three extensive autoresponder series to streamline your business. Six months of followup autoresponders on a timed schedule "drips" information to your prospects each week. Since each of the autoresponder series is already prepared, docked and ready for launch on a reliable e-commerce site, you have a sophisticated automation process at your disposal to educate your prospects. And it's all integrated into the system! This positions you to manage your advertising campaigns by tracking progress and monitoring results with online measurement charts, like a captain at his control console. Such efficiency in the system is the ultimate in an online home business! With automation, you make money on the Internet while you sleep! You can't operate a more effective home business!

As you attract traffic, you'll earn commissions as a distributor. As much as 20% before additional residuals kick in, depending on the company! It's that simple. Sometimes your prospect immediately climbs on-board your team as a distributor to market products. Others just prefer to buy products for themselves or their family. In any case, you get commissions from product sales. And some simply enjoy the story-telling process as an Affiliate, because each sale of the Money Machine earns $75 commission. I can't make it any easier or more simple. Just attract Internet traffic, and automation takes care of the rest. I'm not sure, but I think even Homer Simpson could do it!

Who else wants the chance to crank out residual income with automation?

The FastStart Money Machine can be used to create a high flow of traffic in any online business. After all, it's an instructional manual of Internet Marketing techniques. You may want to use this program in an unrelated business because these insider-secrets cannot be found elsewhere. This know-how is usually discussed among the pros in private at $5000 Internet Marketing seminars in London or Boulder. However, recognize that even though you can use these techniques in any online business, the application focuses on building an online business in health products because it is a global trend industry with explosive growth. Of all the business ventures I've seen offered on the Net, the greatest profits I've discovered are found in supplying critical health needs.

Now, here's the final feature of the program - the power punch!